The music of My Country, My Country is a fusion of traditional Congolese and African rhythms, Western standards, Pop, Broadway, Hip-Hop/R&B and Indie. It’s been a wonderful labor of love for us to capture the spirit of the times while making it relevant and compelling for contemporary audiences. Find more at

Ghosts centers around generational trauma in African women due to sexual violence and war — and then a call to arms for women to stand for themselves and fight for the freedom of their country and themselves (which they did).

Beware is the song that ends Act 1 (for now). This tune will continue to evolve; it follows Lumumba, Joseph Mobutu, and King Baudouin (bolstered by the female leads) — right at the point where Belgium is handing over sovereignty to Congo after a century. At this point in history, Lumumba got up and pushed King Baudouin out of the way during his speech (when Baudouin thanked his lineage of “gracious and genius” kings) and Lumumba gave a speech of his own that set the country ablaze.

Who Would You Be follows the journey of pregnancy of Pauline Lumumba and Queen Fabiola of Belgium, and the hopeful anticipation of mothers to be…with a twist